Photography by Darryl Briggs


I love the challenges of photography and working to get a great image.  As much as most outsiders think photography is about equipment, it basically comes down to light and working with light to capture great images.

img_5308 I have enjoyed photography my entire life, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that I became more serious about it.  I started taking pictures of motorcycles both in studio and on location.  I caught a few breaks here and there and started being published in magazines such as Easyriders, Hot Bike, In the Wind, Street Chopper, Back Street Chopper, etc.  The motorcycle industry has slowed down quite a bit in recent years, but I still take images for bike owners and the occasional magazine every now and then.






img_6970-printAlthough some will disagree, I’m not a total idiot and it wasn’t long after I started shooting motorcycles that I started putting beautiful models on them.  I had model wanting to work with me and made a small name for myself shooting glamour images of women, with and without the motorcycles.  I still photographer glamour images today.








423711_346482068703315_1570931581_n[1]Sport photography is another passion of mine.  I enjoy it because in addition to dealing with difficult lighting situations, you are trying to capture something that happens at a precise moment.  I can shoot and re-shoot all I want in studio, but on the athletic field of competition, you get the shot or you miss it.  There are no second chances.  Each year I seem to do a little more sports photography and plan to continue growing, learning, and honing my sports photography skills.







In addition to my own photography work, I teach and host photography events and workshops.  I have multiple photography clubs to assist and teach up and coming photographers and seasoned photographers alike.

In the future I would like to continue my motorcycle, sports, and glamour photography.  I am also learning to shoot and edit videos now, both from the ground and also with a quad copter.



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