Photography by Darryl Briggs

Just a little variety

Mostly I am thought of as a photographer that takes images of motorcycles, sports, and women.  But I will photograph anything.  I’ve done weddings, executive portraits, kids, etc.  And on a few occasions I’ve done food.  Here is a shot I did yesterday for a restaurant.  Dinner is served!


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04/20/14 Chicago White Sox vs Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers came into the final game of a 3 game series with the White Sox hoping to sweep the series.  Instead they suffered a very one-sided loss, 16-2.

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04/17/14 Seattle Mariners vs Texas Rangers

04/17/14 The Seattle Mariners played the Texas Rangers in an afternoon game at Glove Life Park.  The Rangers won the game 8-6.

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04/01/14 Philadelphia Phillies vs Texas Rangers

April 01, 2014  The Philadelphia Phillies played the Texas Rangers.  It was a close game but Texas won 3-2 on a two out, bottom of the ninth walk off single by Adrian Beltre.  The single scored Shin-Shoo Choo who lead off the inning with a  single.

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2013 Rangers Season Opener

The Texas Rangers opened their 2013 season with a 3-2 win over the Los Angelos Angels of Anaheim.  (I wish they would decide on a name and stick to it!).  Anyway, the weather was great, the parking lot was full of tailgaters, and the big news was the return of Josh Hamilton to the Ballpark in Arlington, but in an Angel uniform.

This was my first season opener that I was able to attend as a credentialed photographer.

Enjoy the photos!

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